This recipe for venison was given to me by a coworker named Bruce Taubert.  Since trying it, I haven’t used anything else.


3/4C Soy Sauce

1/4C Canola (or Olive) Oil

1 T Ground Ginger

1 T Sugar

2 Cloves Garlic (for the first few years I misread the recipe to say “2 Cloves.” I ground cloves up instead of garlic and it was actually quite good.  You can go either way.)

1 T Liquid Smoke

Mix all together in a gallon ziplock bag and add steaks or Kabob pieces and marinaide on a flat plate in the fridge so all meat is covered for 24 hours.  Flip bag on plate periodically.


Note: the name of this recipe is not meant to imply what body part should be marinaided.